Healthy Natural Options

Healthy Natural Options

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Natural Remedy

Reduces sugar concentration, diabetes, blood pressure, lipidemia, and swelling from Gout. Increases blood circulation of limbs. Supports aiding in limb numbness. Improves immunity system.

Green Chiretta

Relieves sore throat, cough, tonsilitis, fever, running nose, and headache without any specific cause. Disinfects nose. Helps aid COVID-19. Shouldn’t use it consecutively for more than 7 days.

Sand Ginger Cleanser

Assists in aiding Protein-Energy Malnutrition (PEM) and malnutrition in children. Relieves allergies, rashes, and urticaria. Cleanses the blood and improves blood circulation.

Chandra Leela

Relieves fevers, mouth ulcers, thirstiness, and pain. Can also be used for fevers, prevents inflammation, stomach ulcers, and platelet aggregation.

Benja Lok Wichian

Relieves fevers and pain, cure measles, chickenpox, and cold. Prevents inflammation, platelet aggregation, malaria, and allergies and has antibacterial properties. Can be used to aid COVID-19 as a substitute for paracetamol.

Fish Wort

Halts the growth of cancer cells. Revitalizes your body from diabetes, infectious disease, and airway diseases. Enhances your immunity and homeostasis and protects you from influenza.


Relieves heartburn, and stomach ulcers. Contains antioxidant which helps reduce aging and creases. Prevents Colorectal and Cervical Cancer.


Relieves flatulence, queasiness, and stomachache. Enhances COVID-19 immunity, vitality, blood circulation, and sexual function.


Relieves fevers, mouth ulcers, dehydration, measles, chickenpox, and shingles. Reduces inflammation and enhances immunity.

LC Oil

Relieves burns and scalds. Natural oil is edible and harmless to the eye (apply them on pterygium). Can be used for fresh wounds, ulcers, diabetic wounds, shingles, asthma, tinea, acne, blemishes, and sinus.

Relieving Balm

Relieves rashes and psoriasis.

Thepnimit (Balm)

Relieves vertigo, vomiting, migraine, faintness, exhaustion, and dizziness. Enhances brain.

Konjac Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a soluble fibre, effective for people with a troubled digestive system to consume it each day. Fibre helps prevent the strain of constipation. It regulates bowel movements so you can have a healthier colon and intestinal system.

Fong Phrasamut

Relieves tonsilitis, sore throat, cough, and cold. Disinfects throat. Reduces the number of viruses and prevents them from getting into the lung. Helps aid and prevents COVID-19.

LC Detox

Reduces lipidemia. Relieves constipation. Removes phlegm from intestines.

LC White

Keeps your intimate area firm and your skin fair. Increases the size of your breasts.

Thepnimit (Capsule)

Relieves vertigo, vomiting, migraine, faintness, exhaustion, and dizziness. Enhances brain.

Black Seed Oil

Increases joint lubrication. Slows osteoarthritis. Improves blood circulation. Increases blood oxygen level. Helps relieves knees and joints pain, and gout.

LC Plus +++

Suitable for treating enlarging prostate gland, frequent urination, and oliguria. Helps with sleeping and soothing the nervous system.

LC Plus +++++

Relieves pain from the third stage of cancer, pain from migraine. Joint lubrication helps prevent paralysis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s, Amnesia, hypertension, and diabetes. It also helps you with sleeping.

Hair Tonic

Enriches your hair root. Helps reduce hair fall. Enhance hair growth.

Wapek Inhaler

Relieves dizziness, cold, and stuffy nose.

Buddha Osot Balm

Relieves muscle pain, sprain, bruises, inflammation, swelling, and insect bites and stings. Also relieves burns, scalds, and skin inflammation.

Pakinee Pikat

Relieves internal and thrombosed hemorrhoids. Can be used to treat hemorrhoids of all stages and blood clots.

Tri Phala

Enhances immunity. Detoxes body, and lymphatic system. Stabilizes your elements and keeps them in shape. Reduces blood cholesterol level.

Javenese Ginger Tincture

Fixes irregular menstruation. Keeps your skin fair and firm. Increases your breast size. Reduces creases, freckles, and blemishes. Prevents ovarian and vaginal cancer. Can be used as a substitute for lying by the fire after childbirth.

Premium Green Tea (Vietnam)

Green tea has a effect due to its caffeine content and high content of vitamins P and C. The health benefits of tea are that it helps lower blood cholesterol and aids in raising high-density cholesterol, and also helps remove the low-density cholesterol.